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College Prevention Programs

It’s PlayTyme is a creative idea for College Prevention Programs that uses the game show concept as an effective educational tool to deliver a powerful and unforgettable message to student organizations. We have designed several interactive game shows that appeal to all age groups and ethnicities and have tailored questions to fit the purpose of the program. Our questions and answers deal with issues surrounding alcohol, drug use, smoking, rape, bullying, safe sex and health and wellness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,”Prevention should be woven into all aspects of our lives, including where and how we live, learn, work and play. Everyone—government, businesses, educators, health care institutions, communities and every single American—has a role in creating a healthier nation.” preventionstrategy/ We all know that as a human species, all things evolve and although we may have received a packet on subjects at school without much discussion. The days are dead and gone – it is time to tackle issues head on while allowing the population to engage with one another in a live interactive setting to achieve goals set forth. Its a way of discussing the issue without it coming across as another daunting task.



Its Playtyme’s approach is more about interaction, team work and recalling the details. We are a traveling game show production company and will facilitate the entire awareness and prevention program. No worries, we bring all the bells and whistles to your school or campus such as LED backdrops, lighting and scoring, state of the art sound system, projection screen and a energetic Host. We can set up anywhere, you don’t have to reserve a large conference room, gyms and cafeterias are just fine. We have created certain 60/90 minutes programs high school and college students covering various awareness topics. These type of high-energy shows will not only educate, but generate audience intervention and participation in a non threatening way. We encourage educators to present the game show activity towards the end of an event, after a particular documentary, and/or keynote speaker. The questions are customized according to the information previously provided by the administration. In order to inform and engage our youth its necessary that we recognize that these “new technology” thinkers minds move very quickly and usually find stimulation in active learning. According to an article in the Harvard Campaign, “Active learning, not passive [learning] makes it impossible to sleep through a class,” Mazur said. http://

In order to keep our youth engaged we must keep them involved and active. Its not your traditional lecture, where you find yourself dozing off or feeling sleepy. Our mission with It’s Playtyme is to create noise, increase participation, engage audience members and contestants to be a part of something special.  We want to create awareness without sounding like an authoritarian. What we do is much more than telling children what to think.  We encourage the notion of how to think. This is why It’s Playtyme’s program has become such a phenomenon in a short period of time.

All of our shows may include trivia style questions, pictures, improv and audio. Remember, the ultimate goal of any awareness program is to not only educate but encourage positive behavioral mental change of all attendees.