FACE-2-FACE FEUD – Family Feud Style Game

Face 2 Face Family Feud

Face 2 Face Family Feud

We have a hilarious adaptation of the classic long-time-running popular tv game show, Family Feud.  This show is highly interactive, team-focused, unexpectedly gripping and can be hysterically funny.  The goal is to match your team’s minds to popular opinion within a certain amount of seconds.  It’s a great addition to any corporate event that is seeking to offer a few interactive activies to their audience.


We can play this game in a variety of different ways, it’s completely up to you. We can customize it to where random surveys are strictly company related or ask funny general questions to keep the audience engaged.  We also have available a FAST & FURIOUS style tournament show and over 100 – 150 people will have their chance to be in the spotlight.

Let’s say, your event consist of more than 150 people and you want all attendees to play, we have a cellphone trivia game to accommodate that. The winners will be announced and will have the chance to battle it out on stage in front of everyone with Face-2-Face Feud.

Sorry to say folks, but, we don’t have 20,000 nor a car. Better yet, we throw in another one of our popular shows as an alternative to the FAST MONEY ROUND. There are a lot of twists and turns to this game which makes it our #1 choice for new and past clients.