It's PlayTyme Game Show Themes

Pick a theme for your next corporate GAME NIGHT!

FACE-2-FACE FEUD (Family Feud)

You’ll have a great time with our Face-2-Face Family Feud style game show. It’s a hilarious adaptation of the classic long-running game show. Highly interactive, team-focused, unexpectedly gripping and hysterically funny, match your team’s minds to popular opinion in this collegiate take on a timeless TV favorite.


This game show includes contestants in groups of three. Once you’re up on stage, it’s a fantasy come true as you participate in a real live game show. You’ll have fun answering trivia questions, playing Name That Hit TV Show or Name That Hit Song, Who That Is and more! Questions can come from our trivia library, or we can create a show custom-tailored to your event with questions and answers based around your organization or conference theme.

WORD PLAY (Wheel of Fortune)

You are now able to have your very own Wheel of Fortune style game at your next event. Add, edit and bring your own slogans, TV shows, Movies and popular catch phrases. This is the ultimate word game of life. Contestants electronically “spin the wheel” to decide the point values of their letter guess.

60 SECONDS OF FAME (Minute To Win It)

This is a wonderful way to break the ice at any event. These physical challenges using only household items are great for team building as well. It is high intensity, fast-paced, high-energy beat the clock kind of game. This definitely brings out the Competitive Spirit! With only 60 seconds on the clock, the pressure builds, and pride is on the line people race to achieve glory.


Three teams of 1, 2 or 3 members compete in this TV classic game show Jeopardy. We have made the game easy, we give the question, you give us the answer. Contestants pick a category and point value, and then the question is “up for grabs”. First individual/team to hit their button can answer and will win or lose the points if their answer is correct or wrong.

OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD (Comedy Game Show)

This game show is hilarious and a huge it in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The objective is for the players (wearing hard hats) to hit themselves (if they know the answer) or each other (to force them to answer) on the hard hat with a HARMLESS foam (20 inch noodle) bat to answer all kinds of crazy trivia questions.