THE CHALLENGE – Jeopardy Style Game Show

Jeopardy Style Game Show

Jeopardy Style Game Show

Jeopardy Style Game Show is a replica of the very popular classic TV show Jeopardy, where three contestants compete for a chance to win hard core cash. Don’t worry, you do not have to be the person who needs academic validation in order to play. We have made this game quite easy and funny as well. Basically, it’s a dynamic brain teaser.

First, there are several categories with point values, to choose from. A contestant will pick a particular category/value and any of their opponents can hit the buzzer simultaneously to answer that particular question. The individual who has the fastest hands and hits the buzzer first, with the correct answer, will then take control the board.


Out of all the clients that have booked our services in the past, we have noticed that more grade schools and colleges choose these type of shows. It’s a more challenging game and the kids all go home talking about how much fun they had while learning. While most institutions focus on physical challenges, we encourage them to take a look at our brain challenge where these students can show what they know and walk away with some new information as well.

The Challenge game show format is ideal for educational, corporate training and student awareness programs. We use this game to focus on a particular category for a few minutes to deliver a certain message across and which will have the audience learning something new, even when they don’t want to.

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