Minute To Win It Team Building Program

60 SECONDS OF FAME - Minute To Win It Style

60 SECONDS OF FAME – Minute To Win It Style

This game show is a perfect activity for a small or large group to break the ice at any corporate, school or social event. Book us for 2 hours of physical challenges using everyday household items with 60 seconds to complete it. High intensity, fast-paced, high-energy beat the clock kind of team building style game. There is not activity out there like it.  This definitely can bring out one’s competitive spirit! With only 60 seconds on the clock, the pressure builds, and pride is on the line people race to achieve glory and accolades.


Three 6 ft. tables are set up either on stage or in front of the room. We gather all household items and place them in specific storage bins for each challenge. We have a large projection screen to display the 60 second time clock and dance music to hype up the crowd.

The contestants will be given a blueprint of each challenge and then will decide on a Team Captain. That person will choose someone on their team to complete certain challenges. If a contestant finishes the challenge before their opponents they win 25 points, but if they finish first and within 60 seconds they get bonus 10 points. At the end of 15 physical challenges, we throw a monkey wrench in it and play 1 round of music trivia to determine the First Place Winner.