OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD – Comedy Game Show

OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD - Comedy Game Show

OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD – Comedy Game Show

OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD comedy game show is very, very, silly, and loads of fun. Great for corporate icebreakers, cocktail hour or meet and greets. There is nothing on television like it, but if you fly out to Vegas and/or Atlantic City, you just may be able to catch a few shows with a similar format. The objective of this game is to make the audience laugh or even scream out loud, it’s pure comedy.

All players must wear colorful wireless hard hats. These hats are actual game show buzzers and will light up when contacted. The contestants will have to hit themselves over the head with a HARMLESS noodle to answer all kinds of outrageous trivia questions an challenges.

Oops will make you smile, laugh, yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s like having your very own Three Stooges meetup in year 2016. We have the latest and greatest in trivia technology folks. The game gets even more competitive because if you are unable to answer a particular question, you can WHACK your opponent upside their head and they will have to answer or lose a point. People who have a competitive nature, will love this game.


6-8 random players are chosen to “come on down” either to the front of the room or on stage. Those players will have to be fast thinkers, fast doers and even faster with their hands to lock out before other opponents. So, let’s see if you can dance, sing, improv, you name it, we just may ask you to do it. One has to have a good sense of humor to book this type of game show, it’s not for the introverts. Prizes are given to only one winner with the most points at the end of the round. Let’s Play!