WORD PLAY – Wheel of Fortune Style Game

Word Play - Wheel of Fortune

Word Play – Wheel of Fortune

Word Play, is our very own “Wheel Of Fortune”, style game show that can be a fun activity added on to your next corporate, college and/or private event. It’s like a revitalized hangman and for over 30 years, this type of game show has been in the living room of millions of families across the country.

The best part about “Word Play”, is that it can easily be customize by using your very own slogans, catchphrases, movies and TV shows. Don’t worry, there isn’t a 2,400 pound wheel to transport or to spin but the game is just as much fun as it’s shown on television. This is the ultimate puzzle game of life. where contestants use our “electronic wheel” then pick a letter or buy a vowel and hope it’s up there.

If you love solving puzzles,


Three contestants are chosen before the game and they can either play an entire round or choose additional teammates. To ensure participation from the contestants, we have them rotate after every puzzle until a winning team is determined. Several surprises are in store once you spin the wheel, like bankrupt and lose a turn. This throws the players off and shake things up which makes this type of game very entertaining.

We have a large puzzle board for this game which will either be on a LED 42-50 inch TV (outside events) or a 80-120 inch projection screen (inside events) depending on location and number of expected guests. Our compact game show system fits just about anywhere. Early set up and fast breakdown is what we do for quality control and complete client satisfaction.

We offer 100% money back guarantee to all of our clients and is proud to say no one has ever asked for their money back because we deliver superior service at an affordable price.