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Corporate, College, Community, Summer & Team Building Game Shows NYC & NJ

Creative corporate event planning, team building activities, ideas, college campus games, school assemblies, greek week night, community outreach programs, summer outdoor game shows, annual luncheon, corporate holiday party, private events and parties, employee engagement games, game show props and game show buzzer area our most popular and game show services in NYC & NJ. Interested in any on theses? Fill our form to get a free quick quote or call us direct at (201)-357-2979.

Interactive Team Building Game Shows
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Corporate Event Planning, Party Theme & Game Shows

Planning a corporate event in NYC or NJ? Looking for the best corporate party theme? Want something different in 2019? We are here to help. Corporate events are important to boost morale and spread your mission to everyone. Let us make the party fun with our expert corporate event planners. Impress your guests and stand out from the crow with our interactive game show.

We design and execute each corporate event to fit your organization’s unique image. Our prices are flexible to fit all budget needs, plus you get a 15% discount on your first game show. It’s PlayTyme Game Shows are designed for both indoor and outdoor activities. Our interactive game shows can be played by both, small and large group audiences.

“We recently had a 2 day team meeting for over 75 team members. Many of us in attendance work remotely: so while we know one another’s name, we don’t meet in person every day. Having It’s Play Tyme lead a Family Feud game show for us on the second morning of our gathering provided just the right amount of mixing and laughter to bond us all! Even when not “on stage” the “audience members” were brainstorming and sharing to build a cohesive unit. SUCH a great morning, SO well organized, and TOTALLY an experience to remember. This one will be hard to top!”

Mary Hilton


“Lisa and her staff made our company holiday party an awesome success. Lisa was in contact throughout the planning process and was very helpful in making suggestions to accommodate our needs. From start to finish, every detail was attended to and Lisa is extremely upbeat and gregarious. She made sure everyone was involved in the game, and that everything ran smoothly. I highly recommend “It’s Playtyme Game Shows” for your next corporate event. You will not be disappointed!!”

Michelle M.

Executive Assistant, ESSC


TV Style Live Game Shows, Corporate Events, Experiential Marketing & Trade Show Booth

We have full service entertainment package from game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune to video games, board games to live music (GAME NIGHT PROGRAM).

We can deliver a full GAME SHOW PRODUCTION and LISTENING PARTY experience. The game show concept is a great way to give your employees a significant opportunity to participate in something they only see on T.V.

Use these game shows for your corporate events, trade show booth, experiential marketing, sales meeting & for summer outdoor events.

Executive Team Building Activities – Mix and Mingle Social Games for Workplace

When people play together stay together. Use this concept for your executive team building activities. We offer a new kind of engaging entertainment for your employees and executives where we encourage them to interact and get to know their new/old colleagues on a more social level.

We will flip the concept of “corporate feuding” and turn it into a “fun-filled” fast paced, game show experience.

We service the NYC metropolitan area by offering Event Coordinators an opportunity to be in the forefront of something fresh, new and completely different from the norm.

Basically will give your employees and executives their “15 minutes of FAME” by becoming a game show contestant and a chance to win cash & prizes of your choice. It’s an unforgettable experience and a great add-on to any social calendar.

Game Show Style Team Building Games for Work Groups – Fun, Motivation & Competitions

Want to inspire healthy competition and motivation? Try our game show style team building games, activities & challenges for your next corporate event. There’s nothing more essential than corporate team building,  these team building challenges are a great way to find out your talent and put it on spot light . An office that works together gets things done faster, has innovative ideas, and most of all, winning these team building games, makes everyone actually enjoy coming to work. But what can you do to make sure you’re promoting a sense of camaraderie in your office?

Fun Corporate Tournament Style Team Building Challenges

Read on to learn how game show nights, played tournament-style, can be used as the ultimate team building challenge at your next event.  Here is a list of our four favorite classic game shows for you and your team to consider.
Our live game shows help boost the morale in a fun way and bring the co-workers closer. Game shows are proven for team building and boosting the overall productivity of an organization. If you want CREATIVE workers, give them enough time to PLAY!

Word Play (Wheel of Fortune)- Popular Game Show

Based on the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune, this game is great for identifying who on your team can really think on their feet. It’s also a wonderful way to find out who the really analytical thinkers in your office are – the problem-solvers. Word Play is crucial for team building because quick thinking (especially in a tough situation) isn’t everyone’s strong suit. However, when your employees know who they can count on in times of crisis, your overall office efficiency will improve. its a great challenge for team building, Plus, everyone’s stress levels will go way down.

Cellphone Trivia (up to 1,000 players)

Want to find out who the real intellectuals in your office are? Who has a wide base of knowledge, over lots of different subjects? Cellphone Trivia will certainly tell you! This game can host up to 1,000 employees, so even the largest companies can get in on the fun. Plus, if you allow your employees to work in teams, it’s likely that natural leaders will emerge. Especially if you’re considering people for promotions, or know that a huge project is coming up, this can help you identify who might be the best fit.

Face-2-Face Feud (Surveys) – Family Feud Icebreakers

Face 2 Face Feud, based on Family Feud, is a great way to make your team laugh! It will also help to promote a healthy sense of competition on your team. Your employees can figure out who they can work well with in your office based on the answers people give. To identify the most creative thinkers on your team, try the “Fast and Furious Tournament” option. Here, you can have between 100-150 people competing with each other. Maybe you could even do a branch vs. branch rivalry!

Oops Upside Yo Head (Comedy Game Show)

Look, sometimes you just want to go out and have a fun night with your employees – no hidden agenda. If that’s you, then this is the perfect game for your next event. If you’re in need of a great icebreaker that’s going to put everyone at ease and encourage people to mingle, it’s also an awesome option. This game involves singing, dancing, hilarious moves, and lots of other different scenarios. It’s pretty much an “anything goes” game. Whatever trivia, action, or scene the employee is given – they just have to roll with it!

Icebreaker Game Show Ideas to Motivate Employees

Corporate team building doesn’t have to be boring. There are lots of game show ideas you can use as a team building.  So, get creative, motivate your employees, and even reward them with a much needed fun night out! Looking for more team building advice? Want to set up a game show at your office, hotel or conference center? It’s PlayTyme Game Shows has a no deposit required policy along with a 100% money back guarantee on our services. Get in touch with us to get started right away! You can also call us directly at 201-357-2979 for more details.

Game Shows for Community Outreach & Summer Outdoor Programs

In addition to providing the very best event entertainment, we assist Community Outreach and Summer Outdoor Event Coordinators in delivering information beyond academics and campus walls. We gather and distribute information in the format of TV-style game show and other interactive group activities to provide a service that directly benefits the public in a fun and non-intrusive way. Some of the “did-you-know” programs we provide include: Financial Literacy, Wellness Programs, Public Safety & Environmental Education.

Team Building Activities in NJ, NYC, CT & PA

We offer team building activities, games and events in NJ, NYC, CT & PA. Our indoor and outdoor team building activities fit in any type of corporate event, sales meeting or training. Team building can be a highly successful method for strengthening your workplace. It promotes cooperation and encourages employees to be more engaged. So, wait no more and fill our form to get a free quote for your next team building event or activity. You can also call us at (201)-357-2979.

Indoor & Outdoor Team Building Activities

We have hundreds of indoor and outdoor team building activities and games for teens, adults and kids. The most successful indoor team building activities are the ones that encourage employees to work together and learn something new without forcing thinly veiled leadership lessons on employees. Communication is key. In fact, the study found “patterns of communication to be the most important predictor of a team’s success.” Choose from our team building activities or call us at (201)-357-2979 and leave the rest to us.

Corporate Team Building Activities That Boost Productivity

Why corporate team building activities are your best investments? Because they enhance the bonds between employees and results in more productivity. Planning corporate team building event is not an easy task but is considered one of the best investments a company could make.

First of all, corporate team building activities and events are a great way to encourage positive employee relationships. There’s no doubt employees that get along well work better together. The best part, corporate retreats may actually increase employee productivity as well. They’re not just for fun. Please note, a corporate team building activity doesn’t have to be an entire weekend. It could be a Thursday night bowling outing, or other interesting employee engagement games. Studies have shown, that anything you can do to enhance the bond between employees is going to positively going to impact their performance.




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