Best Corporate Icebreakers For Small Groups in NJ, NYC & PA

Many corporate meeting planners may find it difficult to choose the right or best corporate icebreakers for small groups.  But, some may ask, what is the definition of a corporate icebreaker?  Well, it’s considered a non-threatening, relaxing, yet fun game that focuses on improving communication while dismantling common barriers amongst a group of people.  An icebreaker can be an intimate activity that should relate to the purpose of a meeting.

Planners come up with all kinds of group activities and challenges, but eventually find themselves unsatisfied with the end results.  Let’s say, you have a staff of 25 or more, drained, tired and always seem to be stressed out.  When it’s time to learn something new, they hide or run the other way?  Employees dread having to go to an all day training, workshop or seminar.  Suddenly, your staff starts pretending to be too sick to attend and you just don’t know what to do.

You may then consider developing some fun team exercises after a long day of information overload.  Some exercises will stretch and stimulate the mind. Other exercises may challenge memory and get the staff excited about working together.  There are several proven ways one can improve employee productivity and morale during the learning process or at least make it so that employees won’t try to avoid attending off-site corporate meetings.

Creating an Enjoyable Small Group Corporate Icebreaker Game Show

Whether you decide to host an event at a hotel, conference center or restaurant, you must have an engaging activity that will keep your audience’s attention.  Group participation is a must.  We have a cellphone trivia game where everyone plays simultaneously.  This strategy breaks down barriers and opens doors for better communication. This fast paced trivia game can be 15 questions on company history, policy or just fun facts.

A Live Game Show is considered to be one of the best corporate icebreakers.  It’s an option that will test the knowledge in a more entertaining way instead of the traditional Powerpoint slides, flip charts and training manuals.  The best part about considering a live game show activity is that we come in and facilitate a fast and furious brain challenge with your group.  We can also add on a little physical activity to raise the bar as well.  Your event coordinators don’t have to do anything accept gather the teams in advance that are willing to show up and show out.

So, no more boring events with low turnout and participation.  You can now offer some live edutainment to the mix.  The best thing about this corporate icebreaker is, it will contain lights, sounds, and plenty of action without broadcasting on live TV.

How to Book Your Next Live Training or Event?

What an enjoyable way to end a very long meeting or training day.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the section below.  You can also hit us up on chat, call us directly at (908) 623-3244 or Contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

Press play on the video below.  We have several of the best corporate icebreakers for small groups in the area.  Don’t delay, call us today! 

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