Corporate Team Building Exercises That Boost Productivity – Your Best Investment

Why corporate team building exercises are your best investments? Because they Enhance the bonds between employees, results in more productivity. Planning corporate team building event is not an easy task but is considered one of the best investments a company could make.

First of all, corporate team building exercises and events are a great way to encourage positive employee relationships.  There’s no doubt employees that get along well work better together.  The best part, corporate retreats may actually increase employee productivity as well. They’re not just for fun.

Please note, a corporate team building exercise doesn’t have to be an entire weekend. It could be a Thursday night bowling outing, or other interesting employee engagement games.

Studies have shown, that anything you can do to enhance the bond between employees is going to positively going to impact their performance.

Here’s why:

Corporate Team Building Exercises for Improvement in Communication

Every company has some kind of communication issue.  For example, it seems like they are speaking two different languages.  In turn, is this frustrating for the employees, but it is a major productivity issue.

Team building retreats take these same people out of the day-to-day grind and get them into a different environment. As a result, they begin to learn each other’s languages when the conversations aren’t work related.

Productivity automatically increases once they get back to the office.

New Skills are Uncovered and Developed by Corporate Team Building Exercises

Team building retreats are a great way to see who fits in where in a non-work-related environment.

Lets say, you have a quiet employee who comes in every day and does their job without saying much.

In the work environment, you may never discover their hidden skills.

When heading out on a team building retreat, that same employee may suddenly show leadership skills that could be utilized for the benefit of the company.  Often times, employees don’t show their hidden skills or talents in the work environment. Perhaps their current position doesn’t allow them to.  Moreover, they may need a relaxed situation to show who they truly are.

In other words, team building retreats can uncover these skills and increase company productivity.

Team Building Retreats Give Employees Shared Experiences

Admit it, the workplace needs more camaraderie.  Employees aren’t always going to get along.  This can be a productivity stop-gap.

People that have shared experiences tend to fall back on them when times get hard.

For instance, let’s say you took your team out on a rafting trip that unexpectedly turned into a white-water rafting trip. When two employees start to disagree about something in a meeting, one might turn to the other and say, “at least it’s not as bad as those waves!”.

Therefore, the disagreement is laughed off and productivity can continue.

Roles of the Team Are Better Defined

During team building activities, spend some time observing how employees interact with each other.  You may spot some obvious clues on how you can re-structure your team for increased productivity.

Hence, activities that require teamwork always bring the true colors out of your valuable employees.

Final Thoughts about Team Building Exercises

Team building events may have several challenges.  Don’t despair, if your announcement of an upcoming team building activity or retreat is met with a thud.

Many employees initially dread the thought of being forced to spend time with their co-workers outside of work. However, if the activity is a fun one, the majority of staff will quickly come around and participate.

Here’s an idea, send a poll out to your team with some team building activity options and see what they like best.

Then get ready to have some authentic fun while also increasing productivity back at the office.  Don’t hesitate, contact us today, the time is now.

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