#1 Icebreaker Ideas for Summer Intern Programs in NJ, NY, PA & CA

We’ve compiled the top 5 “super fun” icebreaker ideas for summer intern programs and team building activities in NJ, NY & CT.

It’s that time of year again, event planners, when you, must come up with a few clever, yet fun ice breaker ideas for your upcoming summer intern program.  This is not an easy task, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

Each year you want to be remembered as the office hero and create unforgettable memories for the interns that has decided to join your summer program.

So, before you start planning, ask yourself, do you like playing games?

Of course, we all do.  Would playing a few games be an effective way to “break the ice” with the upcoming group?

Did you know that playing games at work can help increase the overall happiness of an employee?

Or that it can lead to increased productivity as well?

What about helping your summer interns get to know each other and the company better with a few interactive and engaging games?

Idea #1 for Summer Intern Programs – You Get One Question Game

Ice breaker ideas are designed to get you thinking and talking to one another right away.

Pick a person to do something such as hiring, marrying, or investing, sort of like role playing.

Each person must then come up with one question to ask the other and determine who is the perfect hire in the situation.

This helps team members learn what matters most to them and what their motivations are for working at your particular company.

#2. Mad Lib Mission Statement

Are you familiar with Mad Libs?  When I was a kid, teachers would allow us to play it in school because it taught grammar.

It’s the perfect game for small or large companies.  Get your group thinking right away.

Simply take your current mission statement and remove any nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

You can either have the group work in teams or as a whole.  From our experience, teams work best when it comes to challenging one’s academic knowledge.

Once the silly mission statement has been read, you can have them work on it until the entire group as a whole creates a mission statement everyone feels is correct.

This will help every employee feel as though they know and understand the company as a whole better. Perfect for new, seasoned and even temporary employees as well.

#3. Hello, My Name Is (Intro Game)

For this game, get some “Hello My Name Is” stickers available. On each one, write down an adjective like, “grumpy, fearful, happy, encouraging, negative, slacker, etc).  We call these our “alter ego” tags.

Place all the name tags in a container. Have each employee randomly grab one name tag.  Place it on their shirt without being able to view what it says.

For a period of time or duration of the day, the employee must respond and interact according to what is on their name tag.

Great ice breaker ideas are designed to get employees to get to know one another.

They also help us to realize how labeling others can change how we see ourselves and not always for the better.

#4. Scavenger Hunt

Probably the oldest of all ice breaker ideas but it’s always fun and it’s easy to set up.

There are now even variations of a scavenger hunt:

  • Limited to inside office games only.
  • Includes outside office clues.
  • Digital scavenger hunt for the tech heads.


#5. Word Play (Wheel of Fortune Style)

Do you like game shows?  We have a plethora of shows to choose from.  This particular one is similar to the classic hit tv game show, “Wheel of Fortune”.  This game is easily customized and a lot of fun to play.

The puzzles can consist of company slogans, catchphrases, movies, TV shows and celebrities.

This is a great game for employees who love solving puzzles.

To start with, three players are chosen. Once a puzzle has been played, a new player can join in the fun.

This is a great game to show how well employees can handle unexpected situations.  Contact us if you’d like to have a real live version at your next company meeting.

We are located in New Jersey but travelall throughout the N.E. region.

Do Icebreaker Ideas Work?  Of course they do, when they are facilitated well and the games are extremely fun and memorable.

So, don’t delay, give us a call today and let us help you select from our many different icebreaker ideas for summer interns.  We can be reached at 201-357-2979.  No obligation or deposit required upon booking.




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