College game shows

Montclair State University Greek Week Games

College game shows as a campus activity or prevention program has now become the latest trend.  How about hosting a comedy “College Game Show” night as a campus life activity? You can also add in a few jumbo board games, music, food, photo booth and cellphone trivia for the ultimate campus event.

These interactive group activities are a few options for college students to include in their social calendar. Also, there is an option to book a different interactive, TV-style game shows each and every semester with It’s PlayTyme. The best part about this activity is that it allows you to customize your very own set of questions, rules and organize the game in a way that all of the trivia buffs and game show fans can participate in and have a great time. So far, our Family Feud style show gets the most votes from university students. They love that show and are always ready and willing to play.

College students are the game show contestants that we find most unpredictable. They have the most energy and say the most outrageous answers. We have a ball with the young adults who always bring a competitive edge, while keeping it all in perspective. We are convinced that the competitiveness and camaraderie strengthen as the game moves along. Team players have been helpful towards one another, encouraging and supportive as well. The relationship bonding takes place right before our eyes, and it is definitely a great thing to see.

You can hire us for several events, including Welcome Week, Freshman Orientation, Family Weekend, Homecoming, Greek Week and Alumni events.