School Assemblies


School assemblies give opportunities for educators to tap into the pulse of the student body. Principals and administrators discovered the power and potential of using assembly-based moments to build spirit, morale and camaraderie. It’s PlayTyme has witnessed first-hand the excitement and team building moments each time we host a school event. The learning based competitions are class vs. class, grade vs. grade, boy vs. girl, teachers vs. teachers and principals and vice principals competing against one another. Our interactive group activities are fun and designed to provide school assembly entertainment, where we transform the traditional school assembly format into a live, interactive game show for students from grades K-12. Topics may include spelling, math, science, history and vocabulary quizzes.

Quiz shows for school assemblies

Interactive School Assembly Quiz Shows

There is no louder place to be than in a school auditorium during a competitive-based assembly. Our questions are specifically created to compound messages aligned with the theme of the event. We recognize the importance of clear and concise messaging, and we work closely with the appointed educator to create the best possible questions and responses. Young people love the lights, buzzers, popular music and funny sound effects we provide in our prevention programs and interactive group activities. We provide an entertaining show for a variety of events, such as Project Graduations, Family Fun Nights, Game Nights, after school programs for youth organizations and many more. We understand the fast paced environment, as well as the attention span of young people, and this is how we’ve come up with assembly entertainment that stimulates all the senses. It’s important that we offer opportunities for the youth to establish moments for building relationships through teamwork. Creating an environment that encourages teamwork and communication is exciting and the benefits is immeasurably important. There are multiple learning moments each time a question is revealed, and students huddle to come up with the best possible responses.

A study conducted by the CDC about the strategies for increasing protective factors among youth concluded that a school’s ability to connect students promotes social and emotional competence. Students who care about their school and who feel like they are apart of something usually have healthy outcomes. Team building activities build trust and increase collaboration and effective communication amongst students. Our most requested shows are Kid’s Feud and Kid’s Challenge. We have designed these competitions specifically for children, and we understand the nature of young minds and how impressionable they are. We create questions that compound clear and concise messaging. We can all acknowledge that interactive media has created a generation that learns differently compared to prior generations. Technology based learning plays an intricate role in how children are learning today. According to an article in Education Technology, “Interactive media has the capability to excite children by engaging multiple senses through illustration, animation, audio and touch. Their intuitive nature encourages children to learn through experiences.

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